Tough Case Motorcycle Handlebar Kit with Helix Swivel Mount

  • This is a ready to ride bundle package from Ultimateaddons.  Keep your phone protected while you ride wiht Ultimateaddons Tough Waterproof Case for Universal Phones in 2 sizes to choose from;
    XL - 158 x 78 x 8mm
    XXL - 168 x 78 x 8mm
    Simply measure your phones length and width to find the best suiting case for your needs and the kit will supply you with the Helix Swivel Strap and a 1 metre USB cable bespoke for the case so you can choose how you charge your phone if you are out on a longer ride.
    Suitable for using various Sat nav or GPS Apps and logging software, listen to your music through bluetooth or zone out, however you decide to ride, don't get lost use your phone for navigation and improve your journey.
    Please measure your phone before ordering!
  • Complete Protection

    1. Watertight to IPX5
    2. Dust resistant
    3. Vibration dampening
    4. Touch compatible 
    5. Camera cut out
    6. Effortless attachment


    1. 1: 5 point sealing system - locking clips
    2. 2: 5 point sealing system - pressure clips
    3. 3: UA charger access
    4. 4: Microphone / speaker
    5. 5: Lanyard / security strap connector
    6. 6: Removeable 3 prong
    7. 7: Front and Rear camera window
    8. 8: Dedicated shock absorbing insert
  • Size - 21-40mm diameter
  • Included

    1. 1 x Ultimateaddons Tough Case - Choose from XL or XXL
    2. 1 x Ultimateaddons Helix Swivel Strap Mount - Fits bars of 21-40mm
    3. 1 x Ultimateaddons 1 Metre Type C USB Cable

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