USB Powered Handlebar Heated Grips for Motorcycle and Bicycle

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Ultimateaddons Clip On Heated Grips are a great solution for users who don’t want to make a permanent change to their current grips. Powered by a simple USB portable battery bank (not provided with the product) the grips will keep users’ hands warm on their journey. The simple clip-on form makes it easy to remove and attach the existing grips.

To ensure a good fit to the bars, simply measure the circumference of your grips by wrapping a tape measure around the existing grip. There is no need to remove the existing grip to use this product.

In testing, the grips demonstrated varying durations based on the power of the battery packs. Results indicated that higher battery capacity correlates with longer-lasting heated grips on a full charge. Specifically, a 10000mAh battery pack lasted slightly over 3 hours, whereas a 26800mAh battery pack extended the heated grips' usage to 4.9 hours.

This can be powered with any power bank, with the higher the mAh power rating, the longer it will power the grips. It can be mounted to the handlebars using the rubber fasteners provided.

The product is easy to install over the current grips on the bike. The product comes with a secure mounting system for the battery power bank.

This product is compatible with any circular shaped grips on motorcycle or bicycle handlebars with a diameter between 31mm and 35mm.

Easily add and remove the grips without leaving any mark on your current grips, perfect for seasonal use or if you have various bikes.

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