Motorcycle Essential Heated Grips with External Control

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Keep your hands warm in any weather conditions with these essential motorcycle heated grips. The grips are provided alongside a control switch box which can be mounted to your handlebar for easy heat control through the 5 heat levels.

With 120mm and 130mm length options, these grips will fit handlebars with a diameter of 22mm and are easy to install with a simple handlebar mounted control button.

In addition, the grips are equipped with a low battery warning and will store the last used temperature setting in memory meaning less time wasted changing settings and a pair of grips that will be good to go whenever you are.

Key features:

- 120 mm length (130 mm model available)
- Fits 22mm diameter handlebar
- 5 temperature settings for optimal comfort
- LED colour indicator shows current temperature setting
- Rapid and safe temperature change - Low battery alert
- Last used position stored in memory

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