Magnetic Smartphone Mount for Motorcycle Handlebars 25-60mm

  • Designed with practicality in mind, a unique magnetic attachment allows you to attach and detach the phone pouch quickly and seamlessly while still providing the stability you need to ensure the safety of your phone while travelling. The mount base attaches quickly and simply to the handlebars using a secure silicon strap, with a set of rubber bands included for larger handlebars. The pouch is light and easy to carry while still offering protection from the elements to your device. 


    . Fits bars between 20mm to 50mm.
    . Tested at 140km/h in wind tunnel / speeds of 226km/h on the Carole circuit!
    . Shock absorbent silicon, absorbs more than 50% of the engine vibrations.
    . Water resistant pouch keeps your phone safe and dry.
    . 3 sizes available
  • Included

    1. Magnetic Case
    2. Handlebar Attachment

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