HotSwop PRO Basic Set for Fast Numberplate Removal

The Hotswop Pro Kit (Small) is ideal for riders who need to remove their number plate when heading offroad as a safe solution.

Do you need to remove your number plate in seconds and without tools? No problem with the HotSwop PRO. It's Fast, safe, stable and simple.

1. PRO Bike Part -  The bike part, as the name suggests, is the part that is mounted on the bike. In the Pro Basic Set [S], this is 80 mm long and is easily screwed to the motorcycle

2. PRO Plate Part - The set is then complete with the Pro Plate Part, this part is connected directly to the number plate and is the counterpart to the bike part.

3. PRO Packaging - The most important thing is packaging. This is exactly how the system is delivered. The parts are delivered as a set or as individual parts, but what should never be missing is the screw set.

4. PRO Screw Set - Everything would be nothing without the screw set, this consists of all the screws, nuts and washers needed to assemble the Pro Basic Set.

View our video on how easy and effective the product is in use.

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