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FitClic Neo Vibration Damping Module

    Worried about damaging your phone's stabilizer or some of its components while riding? We have the solution that will ease all your worries. Our vibration dampener gives you extra security when using your phone on a motorcycle. 

    This new dampener completes the Tigra Sport product family. We want to offer you items that meet your needs. That's why we developed this anti-vibrations solution to protect your iPhone and other smartphone devices.

    Latest smartphones are equipped with sophisticated cameras with delicate mechanical components inside. These can be damaged by high frequency vibration generated by some motorcycle engines. The FitClic Neo Vibration Damping Module is designed to protect your phone from such potential hazards no matter which motorcycle you are driving.

    At the core of the module is an Air Suspension sac made of elastomer. It has been specially tuned to strike a good balance between vibration absorption, stability and security. Our tests show that it can reduce up to 60% of high-frequency vibration while keeping the phone usable on the go*.

     Our vibration dampener installs quickly and easily on your vehicle. Simply screw it into your FitClic Neo mount. It will raise your mount, but don't worry, it will never interfere with your field of vision.  After a few walks, you will have forgotten the presence of the dampener. The daily use of your mount with the vibration dampener remains as functional as ever and does not affect the practicality and ergonomics of the mounting system. The dampener and the case do not move from the mount, even at full speed.

    Our product is compatible with the entire range of FitClic Neo cases, but also with the various FitClic Neo mouts for motorcyle. Of course, you can also use our FitClic Neo rain cover and universal solutions. Please note that the dampener is not compatible with the mounts of other categories (car, bike, running, lifestyle and other FitClic accessories). Its design is specific to motorcycle mounts.

    We advise you to invest in a vibration damperer even if you don't have a 4-stroke single-cylinder motorcycle or another motorcycle that produces excessive vibrations. These days, the components in new phones like iPhone or Samsung are becoming more sensitive and more likely to be damaged. Riding with a vibration absorber means choosing to ride with peace of mind.

    • Air Suspension sac absorbs vibration in all directions
    • Phone remains stable on the mount with touchscreen usable and viewing angle adjustable on the go*
    • Works with all FitClic Neo MOTORCYCLE mounts : Motorcycle handlebar mount, motorcycle pin mount, scooter mirror mount
    • Easy self-installation with tool provided
    • Weight: 27g
    • Package includes Vibration Damping Module, Allen key and bolts


    * This module is designed to filter out high-frequency vibration generated by some motorcycle engines that is proved to be damaging to the delicate mechanical components inside the phone’s image stabilization system. Given the size and weight of the phone, it is not meant to function as a camera/image stabilizer by itself. If your purpose is to shoot stable images and videos while riding on a bumpy road, you should look for more professional camera equipment such as gimbal stabilizers instead.

  • Included

    1. FitClic Neo Vibration Damping Module

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