Tigra Sport

FitClic Neo Magnetic U-FitGrip Motorcycle Kit

    • Contains 1 FitClic Neo U-Fitgrip Universal Cradle and 1 FitClic neo Bike Strap Mount
    • Industrial grade stainless steel springs deliver 120kps gripping force to secure phone on cradle
    • Cradle padded with soft thermal plastics on all sides to enhance grip and protect your phone from shock
    • Fits any phones and phablets up to 105mm wide
    • Detachable silicone SafetyNet on top side provides last resort protection to the phone while maintaining a clean look
    • Compatible with all FitClic Neo mounts and cases
  • Included

    1. FitClic Neo U-FitGrip Universal Cradle
    2. FitClic Neo Bike Strap Mount

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