Dual USB 4.8 Amp High Power with Micro USB Car Charger

Ultimateaddons® dual USB charger has been designed specifically to charge up to 3 devices from one cigarette lighter socket with a super fast 4.8 Amp output. Allowing users to charge their tablet and smartphone(s) at the same time, while both connected via USB Cables to this vehicle cigarette lighter socket plug. If you have lots of devices to charge but only one cigarette lighter socket free in your vehicle this is a must have accessory for you.

Unlike any other charger on the market, this has a neat curly cable with a Micro USB on the end along This charger adapter can charge any 5V Micro USB device and up to 2 more devices which have their own USB charge cable. The majority of new tablets, mobile phones, GPS, MP3, MP4's etc. are supplied with their own specified USB charge cable.

Ensure your device doesn't lose power when in your vehicle and is charged up for your next stop with this unique and stylish compact 2 USB port charger.

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