Samsung Galaxy S20 / S21 Ultra Tough Case

  • The Samsung Galaxy S20 & S21 Ultra are premium phones in every way, and they deserve a premium quality tough case to help you protect your investment. We have years of experience in designing the best cases and mounts for motorcyclists, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

    The Ultimateaddons S20 / S21 Ultra case is equipped with full touch screen integration, allowing you to program routes or change your music station quickly and easily with touchscreen gloves. Waterproof, shockproof and dustproof, Ultimateaddons cases offer the Ultimate level of protection to the all-weather rider and will keep you on the road all year long. Our self-sealing charging port will allow you to keep your S20 or S21 Ultra at full battery all day long, through rain and snow.

    Suitable for use with the full range of Ultimateaddons motorcycle mounts and accessories, this is simply the best navigation solution and the best way to mount your S20 Ultra to your bike and keep it protected. 

    Why Ultimateaddons

    . Tough case offers full protection
    . IPX5 waterproof rating
    . 3 prong connection system
    . External power connection compatible
    . Camera - front & rear
    . Touch screen compatible
    . Access to most phone functions via touch screen
    . Range of mounting attachments
  • Included

    1. Ultimateaddons tough case for Samsung Galaxy S20 / S21 Ultra
    2. USB to USB Type C charger moulded for the tough case
    3. Security strap
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