Motorcycle Advanced Heated Grips Integrated Control System

  • These high-end advanced heated motorcycle grips will keep your hands warm whatever the weather. The grips feature an integrated switch and five different temperature settings allowing you to adjust your comfort on the move.

    120mm or 130mm in length, the grips are easy to fit and use out of the box. Temperature change is always fast and safe, allowing you to adjust to sudden weather changes.

    In addition, the grips are equipped with a low battery warning and will store the last used temperature setting in memory meaning less time wasted changing settings and a pair of grips that will be good to go whenever you are.

    Why Our Heated Grips
    . Sleek Integrated switch on the left grip, no bulky / ugly control system
    . 5 temperature settings for optimal comfort
    . LED colour indicator shows current temperature setting
    . Fast and safe temperature change compatible
    . 120mm length or 130mm models
    . 22mm diameter
    . Low battery alert
    . Last used position stored in memory
  • Included

    1. 1x Premium Heated Grips

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