Meet The Owners

February 18, 2020 2 min read

Meet The Owners

Steven and Nanette have worked for UltimateAddons for over 10 years now. Steven has worked in product design & photography, along with developing the websiteand Nanette has been based in sales and purchasing – along with distribution and warehouse management. Between them – its fair to say they know the business inside out!

The opportunity arose for them to purchase the business in 2019, and as motorcycling enthusiasts and self-proclaimed technology geeks – it seemed the only sensible option was to say YES.

With this amount of passion and drive, they hope to continue to grow the brand and create a global presence. So far they have already began tapping into the global market including Australia, Japan, South Africa and most of Europe.

Aside from focusing on growing the business in terms of scale, they are also dedicated to creating more innovative and creative products to bring to market in order to continuously keep up with the ever-growing and changing mobile phone market.

Nanette is excited about what the future holds for the business -  “Our mission is simple, to bring inspiration and innovative products to riders all around the world. Whether you ride a bike, or motorcycle, we are fully committed to bringing you the best possible quality products to assist you on your journey”

To allow for this vision to be reality, UltimateAddons work tirelessly to provide the best, quality tested products to the market – and just as importantly, they offer top quality customer service. With a live help option available on the website, and a direct number available – customer care is a top priority, as well as supporting the growing network of trade clients.

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