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Chris Neibauer has shot many of Dango Design’s website images that showcase our action camera gripper mount. He has also used the Dango Design gripper mount to capture video and images for other professional projects.



We thought we’d take a minute to get to know Chris, his work, and get some feedback about using our product on a shoot.

Dango Design Action Camera Gripper Mount


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into photography/videography?

A: I started experimenting with my father’s 35mm Pentax K1000 early in grade school, and subsequently purchased an early generation digital camera that I spent countless hours shooting photos with. I spent many evenings of my high school years on the ocean at my great-grandparents’ house and out hiking in the Cascade Range of Washington.

Q: How long have you been doing photography professionally?

A: When I was fourteen years old a family friend took me under his wing in his professional photography business shooting weddings and the Evergreen State Fair. It wasn’t long before I was out on my own photographing weddings and events solo.

Q: What is your favorite location to shoot? Subject matter?

A: Shooting film or photos out in the mountains or on the ocean is my favorite place to be. The peace and tranquility to be disconnected from the busy life below when you focus on the canvas in front of you are like nothing else. The combination of riding and filming at the same time has been a recent favorite to combine two of my favorite hobbies together. The thrill of being on a bike in the middle of nowhere while capturing the scene is very rewarding

Dango Design Action Camera Gripper Mount

Q: What was your hardest shot to get? And how did you get it?

A: A family portrait with my wife and daughter on top of Green Mountain near Glacier Peak, Washington in early summer a few years ago. We rode three-up on my enduro fifteen miles to a trailhead, hiked all day up to a nearly abandoned trail, through steep snowfields, to a fire lookout on a knife-edge peak with my two-year-old daughter. It was one of the most rewarding trips we have been on, and the print hangs in our bedroom to remind us of that day. Looking back it would have been an awesome trip to bring a GoPro along for all of the crazy things we went through!

Q: Tell us how you use the Dango Design gripper mount to get your shots? video/photo

A: The Dango Design gripper mount enables me to easily and quickly swap my GoPro to other riders in our group, or even different mounts on the bikes or sleds in order to get a more in-depth experience for the film that goes together from the day. With the tether and rubber jaws, it always stays secure and can go more places than you can think of.

Q: How does it compare to other products that you have used?

A: Versatile! The perspectives are endless. Having the ability to stick it to almost any helmet in just seconds is very handy for an on-the-go riding group looking to film or just have fun being able to look back at the killer day of riding is awesome. It is lightweight and durable enough to take a beating between the bars and helmet almost every ride.

For more information about Chris Neibauer’s work or to contact him please visit his site or follow him on social media


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