Blood Bikes Scotland Visit Ultimateaddons

February 18, 2020 2 min read

Blood Bikes Scotland Visit Ultimateaddons

Last week we fitted one of our motorcycle Smartphone mounting kits to the Blood Bikes Scotland - Yamaha FJR 1300.  This mounting kit will give the Blood bike riders easy access to their Smartphone which they use for essential communications between riders and control room staff not to mention the ability to use satellite navigation. 

This Yamaha FRJ 1300 was fitted with blues and twos which restricted space to the handlebars, we opted to use the following mounting solution. 

Ultimateaddons Blood Bikes Scotland

Yamaha FJR 1300 Mount Kit 

As the mirrors are mounted on the fairings of the FJR, their mirror mounting point on the clutch side is accessible.  This attachment is very popular with people who use bar end mirrors on their motorcycles, the mounting space has a rubber cover on it and can be removed easily with a thin flat screwdriver.  

To increase the height of the tough case and to make it easier for the rider to glance at, we attached the 3 inch extender.  The extender can be used with any of our 25mm / 1” ball head attachments. 

Due to the riders needing to quickly remove their case when they arrive at their destinations we fitted the new 25mm to 3 prong adapter that makes it even easier to remove the case. These will be available to buy in the next few months.

Blood Bikes Scotland Yamaha FJR 1300 Phone Mount
Blood Bikes Scotland Ultimateaddons Blood Bikes Scotland

It was lovely to meet John and Brian & hear about the services they offer.  Blood bikes Scotland are a dedicated team of volunteer motorcyclists, who commit their time to provide a vital service for NHS Lothian, Fife & Borders.

The day after meeting Brian & John, they won the Scottish Charity of the Year Award! Well done and Ultimateaddons are delighted to be helping these riders find their way while volunteering.

More information can be obtained on the website below.

Or Follow them on facebook for some regular updates;

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